Storyboard and Character Design


Storyboard Sketching, layout Sketching/composition and Character Development for movies and animated Features.

As a Storyboard Artist and Character Designer, I will take a script, the Director's vision or even just a concept, and turn those words into a visual story.

These form the basis for a motion picture or Feature Animation in the next stage of production. I create visuals or mobile Game Assets for each major scene in the story including character poses, facial expressions, and perspective and isometric backgrounds.


Storyboard layout sketch -Henri Goldsmann-tooninyourhead
Comic Strip Feature Henri Goldsmann
character design Henri Goldsmann
Lucky Children's Book Sketch
Storysketch layout-Henri Goldsmann-tooninyourhead
Storyboard Layout Sketch Henri Goldsmann
Lucky Kinderboekje 4-Promoimage
Spiros Scooter Sketch copy
Comic Illustration Company
Cartoon Layout Sketch
Henri Goldsmann-39- Storyboard Sequence Childrens Book age 2-4-small
Storyboard-layout-henri goldsmann-pool
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